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CHEESECAKE is an indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain known for its strong cheesy aroma and a powerful THC content. A cross between Cheese and an unknown indica, Cheesecake delivers a robust, heavy stone effect. … Its cousins, including Black Cherry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Chronic with White Widow and Cheese. Strawberry Cheesecake delivers effects that melt away physical pain while allowing the mind to soar with creative energy. This strain tastes like its namesake suggests – sweet and Buy Strawberry Cheesecake Online creamy with undertones of berry. Strawberry Shortcake features THC levels over 20%, and CBD levels of 2% or more. The combination makes this strain ideal for managing symptoms of depression and fatigue.  

Swiss Cheese

It’s a potent Cheese indica strain, with a serious couchlock high. THC levels routinely reach 18%. You’ll feel relaxed and ready to go with the flow, as long as you’re able to stay put. Swiss Cheese is a sweeter smoke than many cheese indica strains.

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