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  • BUY MIMOSA Online


    £ 30.00

    Buy MIMOSA Online MIMOSA is a rising star in the cannabis community. This strain has garnered praise for its outstanding fruit punch, citrus rind aroma and pleasurable mid-level buzz. Mimosa is a cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, and has been known to contain respectable percentages of the terpenes limonene and beta-caryophyllene. Like the beverage,…

  • Buy moon rock online


    £ 28.00

    MOON ROCKS marijuana strain is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa marijuana. MOON ROCKS strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 21-26%. MOON ROCKS herb is not recommending of first-time users as may induce severe couch lock and lethargy.

  • BUY Neroz Online


    £ 39.00

    NEROZ cannabis strain is a pure Sativa which is reserved for seasoned users only due to its extreme potency. Above average THC levels of 19.08% as well as high THCV, and CBD levels make this a formidable choice for a range of users.

  • BUY OREO Marijuana Online


    £ 39.00

    OREO is a cross between Cookies & Cream and Sunset Sherbert.

  • BUY PEANUT BUTTER Marijuana Online


    £ 49.00

    PEANUT BUTTER , also known as “Peanut Butter Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain with unknown parentage due a general lack of information about its heritage.

  • Buy Pink Cookies Online


    £ 28.00

    Buy Pink Cookies Online . PINK COOKIES, also known as Wedding Cake, is the familial genetic cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. This delectable treat is rich with tangy sweet earth and pepper, taking notes and dimension from its OG and Durban Poison parentage. Enjoy this double dose of dense dankness with care,…

  • Buy Pink Sorbet Online


    £ 45.00

    PINK SORBET is a mostly indica strain that is a distinct phenotype of the colorful strain pink Sherbet.

  • Buy Pink Sorbet Online


    £ 27.00

    Buy Pink Sorbet Online .If you enjoy a cold, delicious citrus fruit sorbet at sunset on a hot summer day, you’ll have an idea of the sensations this refreshingly relaxing strain can bring to your body, just as the name suggests. The Pink Sherbet strain will melt all the accumulated stress and tension out of…

  • Buy Calitins Germany


    £ 30.00

    Buy Calitins Online Germany this strain helps for pains depression and anxiety . Sometimes shock value can be a big asset when naming and marketing strains. Originally called “Cush”, this strain was re-dubbed “Green Crack” by none other than cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg after he sampled its intense sativa effects. Although some still prefer the name…

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